Vera’s first day of “big girl school” (Pre-K 3) was today. She was thrilled, and has been talking about this and preparing for weeks. Apparently, the big kid playground is cooler, they have more exciting toys and games, and fancier dress-up clothes. They also get to take field trips, which I’m pretty pumped about.

She is such a big girl these days, and her observations are hilarious. The other day she was explaining to me how they get to eat cheese puffs at school, and she mentioned that we should get some at home. I told her that cheese puffs weren’t healthy, and that it was a special school treat, and she corrected me by saying, “Mom, cheese puffs ARE healthy…they have cheese in them.”

She had a great day at school, and her conduct card was still on a green light this afternoon, which was fun. Her teachers even commented on how she helped pick up toys (she made sure to tell me too), so that made me proud.

We celebrated tonight by going to Hibachi with all of my brothers, my mom, Fuf and James, and Brittany. Vera enjoyed herself immensely, and even tried 3 times to catch a piece of zucchini in her mouth. (She didn’t catch it, but neither did I. Her daddy is good at it though). My mom brought a present for the first day of school, and the waiter thought it was V’s birthday, so they brought out ice cream and we all sang Happy Birthday as if it were. I told Vera ahead of time that the chef would toss shrimp tails into his hat, but it turned out that my favorite trick wasn’t part of his repertoire. He graciously agreed to give it a shot with some broccoli, and caught it on the second try, so that was fun.

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